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Learn how to make the most out of your vRep.

Training Your ChatRep

Discover all the different ways to train your ChatRep on your company data and customize your conversations by: 
 - Starting a ChatRep from scratch
 - Creating Learning Documents
 - Uploading Data From CSVs
 - Uploading Data From URLs

Embedding Your ChatRep

Learn how to customize your ChatRep by:
 - Adjusting ChatReps colors
 - Customizing the AI prompt settings
 - Customizing the AI parameters
 - Creating the embed code for your website

Optimizing Your ChatRep

Learn how to optimize the responses of your ChatRep by:
 - Viewing logs of previous conversations
 - Testing responses 
 - Manually adjusting Learning Documents 
 - Searching for keywords within learning documents

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How can I train my vRep?
Training your vRep involves feeding it with your company's specific data. You can easily upload CSVs of chat logs, email templates, and phone conversation data, or you can simply input URLs from your website to train your vRep. You can easily edit this information in the backend of the vRep platform to customize the responses that the vRep provides.
What are some use cases for a ChatRep?
ChatRep can be used for a variety of tasks and can be tailored for whatever need you may have. Whether it's a online sales rep, a customer support rep, an internal knowledge base, a help-desk, a company directory, or a virtual chat receptionist, your ChatRep is ready to help!
How can vRep help my business?
vRep helps businesses scale and automate their customer service, sales, and internal communications. This not only ensures consistent and high-quality responses but also frees up your team's time to focus on other crucial tasks.
What kind of businesses can benefit from vRep?
All kinds of businesses can benefit from vRep. Any business that requires regular customer interaction, internal communication, sales outreach, or has a need for scalable and consistent responses can make use of our platform.
Can vRep handle multiple languages?
Yes, vRep is capable of handling multiple languages. This makes it a great tool for businesses operating in multicultural or international markets.
How does vRep improve the customer experience?
vRep improves customer experience by ensuring prompt and accurate responses to customer queries. By reducing wait times to zero and providing consistent, high-quality responses, your customers will never be left feeling like they didn't get exactly what they needed.
Can I invite my employees to collaborate?
Yes. With our upgraded plans, you can invite all of your employees to collaborate on your vReps to maximize their performance. This is particularly helpful when creating ChatReps for your internal operations and help desk.

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